The Evolution of Location Based Technology

Cerebro Smart Media, in partnership with Chameleon Digital Media and UberMedia, is a 360° digital solutions provider company, specializing in developing digital strategies in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Latin America.

In addition to our traditional services, we also offer a unique premium solution known as "POLYGONING", being this the evolution of conventional Geotargeting - Advertising. As a matter of fact, we are specialists in data acquisition and analysis.

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Polygoning technology will allow you to accurately identify users of interest vs. users irrelevant to your advertising. To achieve this, we create ‘polygons’ allowing us to map using coordinates any physical location, to obtain accurate data.

The platform allows us to get real data through the analysis of the ‘Mobile Devices IDs’ based on the physical behavior of users who have been impacted by our advertising.

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Active Devices per Month MEXICO

+13 Million

Unique SDK´s per month in MEXICO

Polygoning vs Geo-fencing

  • Unlike traditional Geo-Fencing with which radii are established, with Polygoning we delimit the location with precision.
  • With Polygoning we radically reduce the margin of error of any site (92 cm).
  • Radio-based” advertising continues to generate an important area of irrelevant impact, although it reduces reach areas.
  • With Polygoning, we identify only users who enter the selected location.
  • With the Polygoning tool, we can get users who visited a specific point with a particular frequency, up to 24 months in the past.
  • Unlike "similar" platforms, the Polygoning tool uses 5 data verification and analysis sources, Bidstream isn’t the only thing generating real and contextualized data.

Where to use Polygoning?

A "polygon" can be created in any mappable physical location or by using coordinates. We have a dedicated team and advanced mapping tools, capable of drawing up to 20,000 polygons per week.

Examples of some useful locations for Polygoning:

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Own branches
Competitor branches
Shops selling my products
Shopping malls
  • Own branches
  • Competitor branches
  • Shops selling my products
  • Shopping malls
  • Stadiums and entertainment centers

And many others

“Data Only” Reports

  • P2V (Path to visit) – To understand the behavior 2 hours before and 2 hours after a user visited a defined point.
  • CEL and CDL (Common Evening and Daytime Locations) - To understand where they spend most nights (where they live) and most of the day (at work), the users identified in the established polygons.
  • POI (Points of Interest) - Report that allows us to create clusters of reference points on users visiting our location, letting us know which other places of interest they visit most frequently.
  • Optimal Geospace - Allows us to understand the actual area of influence of a location, based on the displacement of visitors.

The targeting capabilities of Polygoning ads

  • Measurement of influenced visits and visitors, based on the impacts of your digital campaign.
  • Advanced Remarketing - Applied to consumers who visited your locations.
  • We create custom and bespoke audiences based on user behavior patterns.
  • Supports Display, Video, and Rich Media formats.

Advantages of Polygoning

Identifies mobile devices IDs, before and after entering and exiting a polygon area

Creates custom audiences based on location history and app usage.

Get to know your visitors and the visitors your competition gets.

Measures the store’s incremental visits.

Optimizes location visits. Optimizes your campaign based on visits happening in the real-world.

Choose the combination of media, such as purchasing OOH with informed data.


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